It's also about the water


The importance of the water in your pool is often underestimated. The pleasure of the pool can be completely ruined if each and every aspect of the water balance is not checked and the pool can become a series of headaches aesthetically and chemically - risking the health of the bathers.

In keeping with all of the environmentally friendly characteristics of Biodesign pools, our filtration and sanitation systems have to represent the best technology on the market. While Biodesign pools are compatible with any filtration and sanitation system when the water is correctly treated and managed, we have chosen not to use traditional systems that involve the use of high quantities of chemicals but rather a system that uses natural minerals to deliver a healthier and more environmentally friendly system designed to give crystal clear and perfectly sterilized water: Ecosprings™.

For centuries people not only in New Zealand but all over the world have been enjoying the relaxing and purifying effects of bathing in natural mineral pools. Ecosprings have created their unique blend of minerals so that your family can experience the wellness and revitalizing benefits of these natural therapeutic mineral springs at home all year round.

The Ecosprings™ system is supplied as standard with your Biodesign pool. For further information contact your local Biodesign agent or visit