why choose biodesign?

Alessandro Milani, Managing Director of Biodesign and owner of the Biodesign patents, states "There are several characteristics that make Biodesign pools innovative, staring with the fact that they are non-invasive. This allows them to blend into a garden setting harmoniously and without using a single gram of reinforced concrete. Another strong point is the possibility to shape the pool to taste, to meet the client's individual needs. A series of elements can be added, such as underwater seats or actual beaches, further enhancing the setting and adding to the satisfaction."

"If we flew over the beachside in a helicopter," Milani continues, "we would notice right away how over 90% of the people prefer to stay at the water's edge - to chat, sunbathe and play. The same things can now be done in a pool, thanks to these exclusive spaces that make it particulary pleasant and practical and ensure a longer period of use in comparison to traditional box-shaped pools which offer little more than the possibility of a simple swim."

Compare the advantages of a Biodesign pool with a traditional one and give yourself a relaxing oasis in your garden:

IMPACT ON THE ENVIRONMENT - the environmental impact of a Biodesign pool is much lower than other types of pool available on the market for the following reasons:

  • Total absence of work in reinforced concrete or other invasive materials.
  • Stability of the excavation thanks to sloping walls with a gradient that runs from 10° to a maximum of 50°.
  • Reducing weight of the excavated area - a finished Biodesign pool full of water weighs considerably less than the weight of the earth removed.
  • EPDM waterproofing is in contact with the ground and is a chemically inert material that contains neither polluting additives or heavy metals and releases no harmful substances into the environment. The old EPDM installations can be burnt to produce energy (since they dont produce dioxins), eliminated in a dump or recycled to produce new EPDM products. Greenpeace recommends EPDM as an alternative to PVC plastic.
  • Properly hardened resins following the Biodesign single dose proportion are considered inert and can be eliminated as rocky material along with quartz and marble.

COMPLETION TIME - Biodesign pools can be completed in a shorter time than traditional reinforced concrete pools.

AESTHETIC ELEMENTS - Biodesign pools are shaped to work perfectly with your environment. Children can play on the beaches in complete safety. It is possible to create and model numerous and unique spaces for relaxation, underwater seating and lounging areas which allow you to make the most of your pool. Design, relaxation, sports use and security: the Biodesign pool satisfies the needs of every bather. The design is unique. Various shades, colours and grain sizes of the granulated stone and pebble inserts combine with the rays of the sun to resemble remote atolls, exotic beaches or mountain lakes. The shape is always personalised in both size and depth to suit your needs.

SEASONAL NATURE - Traditional domestic pools are restricted as to the length of time they can be enjoyed - only during summer and a few warm days in the mid-season period. For the rest of the year they are covered by ugly pool covers, full of dirty green water or completely emptied in some cases. In a Biodesign pool, thanks to the patented structural paving and the beach areas, the water gets warmer than in a traditional pool of the same size and colour. This considerably extends the bathing season in which the pool is enjoyed - in some cases year round. When winter arrives the Biodesign pool takes on the characteristics of a natural lake, following seasonal changes in the garden, enhancing it 12 months a year and not only during summer.