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How Biodesign Pools were born


Years of experience in designing and building lakes allowed Biodesign to conceive an innovative pool technology. Biodesign technology replaces the particulary heavy and invasive structures of reinforced concrete with a structure composed of natural granulated stone combined with high performance, technologically advanced resins and other materials for strength. Thanks to it's non-invasive characteristics, Biodesign Pools contribute to the safeguarding of our precious environment.

Due to the intensive and dedicated research and development invested in the Biodesign technology, with a solid belief in protecting the environment, it is possible to create a pool that can be appreciated for it's naturalness and enjoyability, offering the same advantages as a mountain lake or a tropical beach.

The aesthetic aspect is only one of the values of the Biodesign technology. It also offers the ability to create a pool that not only encourages swimming but a total liveability for the whole family, thanks to the ease in which beaches, underwater seating, swimming areas and ,much more can be shaped and modelled. This allows you to optimise the internal furnishing of your pool just like any other room of your home.

Biodesign technology was born in the search for a product that offers uniqueness, structural solidity and at the same time with a great respect for the environment: a combination of natural products, wisely integrated with the best waterproofing technology and high-performance binders for structural consolidation.