restructuring your existing pool with biodesign

Often present in beautiful villas, prestigious hotels or residential developments are pools that are old and damaged with high maintenance costs, no longer in harmony with nature. The Biodesign technology allows us to restructure the pool in a simple, yet radical and economic way.

The pool can be freely changed in shape, water depth and surface area. The old waterproofing system and pool equipment can be replaced, both of which often cause water loss and subsequent maintenance difficulties, replacing them with high-tech guaranteed products.

Imagine being in a pool with a beach, shoreline and underwater seating while being massaged and refreshed by an outpouring of air bubbles rising from the pool's surface. Imagine a swimming pool perfectly integrated into the surrounding environment. A natural pool, with crystal clear water, that enhances your home in all seasons.

Biodesign pools, the best place for a holiday at home.