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build technology

The heart of the innovative Biodesign technology is it's internationally patented building process. Biodesign technology is an example of excellence in Italian-made products, previously only available overseas but now available here in New Zealand.


The building process behind Biodesign pools involves 7 steps:

first step - shaping the excavation
















During the excavation the pool is shaped directly in the earth with various depths, including beaches and underwater seating areas. This differs from traditional pool building methods where the excavation is larger than the pool which then requires back-filling at additional cost. Once the excavation has been completed the water circulation system is positioned.

second step - placing the geo-textile material
















Once the necessary hydraulic components for the correct operation of the pool's filtration system have been positioned a protective blanket of geo-textile material is spread in order to protect the EPDM waterproofing layer from potential damage from tree roots or sharp stones within the excavated area.

third step - placing the epdm liner
















The waterproof EPDM liner is spread over the geo-textile material. It's high degree of elasticity makes allowance for any ground movement without undergoing damage or water loss. At this stage all the pool returns, skimmers and main drains are flanged through the EPDM liner.

fourth step - placing the first structural mesh













The first structural mesh for consolidating the primary layer is placed over the EPDM liner.

fifth step - spreading the primary layer

















Natural granulated quartz is mixed with non-toxic resins and then spread manually over the entire area of the pool surface.

sixth step - placing the intermediate mesh













Once the first layer of granulated stone has dried, a second structural mesh is laid to consolidate the final layer.

seventh step - spreading the final layer













The granulated stone (in the colour chosen by the client) for the final layer is mixed with non-toxic resins and spread by hand over the entire pool. Once dried it is sanded if necessary and a final layer of non-toxic resin is applied.


No formwork or concrete casting is necessary in the construction of a typical Biodesign pool. These operations are not only invasive for the environment but are typically subject to Engineer's designs which are costly and time consuming to obtain.


The result of a Biodesign pool is a completely personalised pool, unique in form and elegance with minimal environmental impact, not only in the construction phase but also during use thanks to the standard Ecosprings Mineral System supplied to maintain the pool water.


Another aspect appreciated by Biodesign clients is how the Biodesign pool works with the seasons. Thanks to the patented Biodesign technology the stone finish of the pool accumulates heat and the internal shape of the pool results in lower water volumes in relation to the pool's surface area which means that the pool water is heated faster at a reduced cost.


When the cold weather arrives and swimming stops, traditional pools are covered with unsightly pool covers and forgotten until spring. In the cooler months Biodesign pools take on the appearance of natural lakes, complimenting your home's environment.


For these and many other reasons, Biodesign technology is more and more appreciated, not only by private clients but also by boutique and large hotels, local councils, large public reception facilities, golf courses and residential developments across the world.


Biodesign - a revolutionary patent that has changed the very concept of swimming pools.











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